Singleness & Dating

  • sex-waiting-marriage

    Saving Sex for Marriage | From a Guy’s Perspective

    “You’ll never find a man to marry who isn’t a virgin!” said a friend to me, Joy, many years ago. I remember thinking, “Why should I wait if he’s not going to wait?” Well ladies, there are men who will be virgins on their wedding night. There are men who value God’s Word and desire […] Read more…

  • Christian Men Answer Questions

    Christian Men Answer Questions about their Significant Other

    Readers often ask us questions about relationships, specifically Christian romantic relationships. Women want to know how to find a godly man, what godly men look for in a girlfriend, and lots more. Today four Christian men answer questions about their significant other. Among the four, one is dating, two are engaged, and one is married. […] Read more…


  • For the Girl Who Was Raped |

    For the College Freshman Girl Who Was Raped

    I’ve been there. I was a college freshman who was lost searching for what would give me an identity. What would give me hope. What would make me feel loved. As a college student, one desires to fit in and find her place and to meet a guy. At least, that is what I wanted. Read more…

  • Why follow God in college?

    Why Follow God in College?

    The transition from high school to college can decide who you are, who you will become, and who you will follow. You must decide now, before you enter college, if you’re going to follow God in college. With the start of the new semester, many women will leave home and move to a new place […] Read more…

Bible Study

  • Tempted to Sin? |

    8 Truths to Know When You’re Tempted to Sin

    The moment of temptation right before you sin happens in a matter of seconds. The enemy wants you to sin. He wants victory over your life. The good news is that God has promised us that no temptation is too big or too strong for us to conquer. In this post, I hope to provide […] Read more…

  • Trusting God in Times of Transition

    Trusting God During Transitions

    This summer, I packed up all my stuff in my Subaru Forester and traveled half way across the country from Tampa, Florida to Dallas, Texas. I left what I knew for the unknown. I left a community that truly loved and encouraged me every single day. The decision I was making did not make sense. […] Read more…

Relationship With Jesus

  • Instant Intimacy _

    Instant Intimacy: When one click, swipe or like isn’t enough.

    Desiring to feel loved and beautiful, I downloaded Tinder and uploaded my cutest selfie. Sick of being single and waiting on God’s perfect timing, I wanted to take things into my own hands. I wanted control over my dating life. Impatient and not trusting God, I began the quest for a man. Swiping right if […] Read more…

  • Not Even a Ring Can Fully Satisfy

    Not Even a Ring Can Fully Satisfy

    I recently got engaged to a godly Christian man. Let me share with you our proposal story. Zack and I were back at his apartment after a night of two-stepping. That morning I had landed in Dallas after being away for a few weeks. When I got home from the airport Zack had given me […] Read more…

Your Story

  • Sexually Abused in College, Now What?

    Sexually Abused in College – Now What?

    My time in college was nothing like what I planned. I entered college thinking I was a Christian. I believed in God, but I didn’t know Him. I didn’t know His heart, His character or that He was the only one who could satisfy the longing in my heart to be loved. Instead, I thought […] Read more…

  • Dating is not fully satisfying.

    Dating Is Not Fully Satisfying

    Yes, dating is amazing and fun. Yes I love it. But it’s not fully satisfying. We can’t live life hoping to find our satisfaction in our relationship status. You’re single – you want to be dating. You’re dating – you want to be married. You’re married – you want kids. You have kids – you […] Read more…


  • Finding Forgiveness from Sexual Sin

    Finding Forgiveness from Sexual Sin

    It’s easy to be angry at the people we sin sexually with. It is easy to blame them. We might think, ‘they pushed me further than I would have gone.’ This might be true, but we still are at fault. Our sexual sins hurt God, hurt ourselves, and they hurt others. We must come to […] Read more…

  • 3 Reasons Women's Ministries Need to be Authentic, Vulnerable & Bold

    3 Reasons Women’s Ministries Need to be Authentic, Vulnerable & Bold

    “Joy, you are so vulnerable and so brave. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I could never be as bold as you to freely talk about these issues.” – Women’s Minister That was the response I got from a women’s minister as I talked about the growing epidemic of porn addiction for women. […] Read more…