Singleness & Dating

  • I married a Cancer Survivor | Guest Post on

    On May 27, 2017, I married my husband, Zack Skarka. I knew he had survived cancer, but I had no doubts in my decision to marry him. Check out my story on the Boundless Blog about trusting God with our fears. Love, Joy “Run. Bolt before he dies and leaves you heartbroken.” That’s what a […] Read more…

  • Will my husband forgive me for my sexual past?

    Will my husband forgive me for my sexual past?

    With tears in her eyes, hesitating to ask, she whispered, “Will my future husband still love and forgive me?” My new friend had a fear common to women who have found freedom from sexual sin. Jesus freed her from the chains of pornography, but currently she was gripped by the chains of fear. Have you […] Read more…


  • For the Girl Who Was Raped |

    For the College Freshman Girl Who Was Raped

    I’ve been there. I was a college freshman who was lost searching for what would give me an identity. What would give me hope. What would make me feel loved. As a college student, one desires to fit in and find her place and to meet a guy. At least, that is what I wanted. Read more…

  • Why follow God in college?

    Why Follow God in College?

    The transition from high school to college can decide who you are, who you will become, and who you will follow. You must decide now, before you enter college, if you’re going to follow God in college. With the start of the new semester, many women will leave home and move to a new place […] Read more…

Bible Study

  • Sexual Shame

    3 Bible Verses for Healing from Sexual Shame

    With a past filled with sexual abuse, promiscuity, and an unhealthy sex education, I lacked a healthy view of sexuality. The biggest lie that I believed was that I was sexually broken. My view of sex was far from the truth that God promises in His love letter. I had two distorted and conflicting views of […] Read more…

  • Freedom from Porn for Women

    FREEDOM From Porn for Women | YouVersion Bible Reading Plan

    Addicted to pornography? Desiring freedom but feeling alone? Looking for a new devotional? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this new and FREE resource is for you. This inspiring reading plan on is for women that struggle with pornography and seek FREEDOM. God has created each of us with a desire […] Read more…

Relationship With Jesus

  • Jesus Loves Porn Addicts _

    Jesus Loves Porn Addicts

    Jesus loves people who watch porn. Jesus even loves porn stars. Yes, Jesus loves both of these groups of people. No matter what, His love for them will never change. Why is this? Because Jesus came to save the broken, the lost, and the hurting. While on earth, Jesus spent most of His time with […] Read more…

  • Instant Intimacy _

    Instant Intimacy: When one click, swipe or like isn’t enough.

    Desiring to feel loved and beautiful, I downloaded Tinder and uploaded my cutest selfie. Sick of being single and waiting on God’s perfect timing, I wanted to take things into my own hands. I wanted control over my dating life. Impatient and not trusting God, I began the quest for a man. Swiping right if […] Read more…

Your Story

  • Having Painful Sex Emotional healing from naïve expectations

    Married and Experiencing Pain During Sexual Intercourse?

    Experiencing sexual pain during intercourse? You are not alone.  Nearly three out of four women have pain during intercourse at some time during their lives. For some women, the pain lasts only for a time; for twenty to fifty percent of these women, the pain remains over time. My story includes sexual pain. I share my […] Read more…

  • Relationship Conflict

    When Showing Love Results in Conflict | The Hubs Report

    Relationship Conflict Have you ever hurt someone unintentionally while you were trying to show them love? Joy and I serve together with the children’s ministry at our church in Dallas. One Sunday, during story time, a child was tugging on Joy’s jeans, trying to rip them apart. I thought that the best thing I could […] Read more…


  • Great Devotional for Young Women

    Looking for a new devotional for your friend or daughter? Check out a new devotional for young women by Zondervan, Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women. I love this new devotional. It is perfect for young women in high school or college. Read more…

  • Freedom from Porn for Women

    FREEDOM from Porn Addiction | Bible Reading Plan for Women

    Experience FREEDOM from pornography today. Check out our Bible reading plan on This plan has over 10,000 completions. You too can become one of the over 10,000 women who have experienced freedom from addiction and shame. Read more…