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About the poet: Mitchell Rodgers is on staff at The Rock Community Church in Lakeland, FL working with youth and college students. He is the founder of Still Small Voice Ministry, firmly believing that God still speaks. He is working on his Masters of Divinity at Southeastern University, binge watches Netflix, and loves his wife Bailey! Tweet him @Mr_Rodgers8

The Great Divorce

I was 13 years old when we first met

Just a timid boy so innocent

Overcome by this strange new feeling

Inspired by curiosity I began searching

For another encounter

With this interesting new lover

Occasional brief run-ins

Turned into lengthy conversations

Which led to weekend hangouts

Then daily hideouts

And before I knew it we were dating

Everything happened so quickly though it was sort of confusing

But everything felt good so I didn’t care what was happening

That was, at least, until people started talking

Adults would say that this relationship was wrong

But then she would come along

And say things to make me believe

This was normal and that I shouldn’t leave

So we kept on dating

Meeting up only in hiding

I would plan times that we could meet

Late at night in secret

So we could be alone

Just us on our own

But it began to become harder

Because I wanted those times to last so much longer

So they started to get more often

Because I was so consumed in her sensation

That it was the only thing always on my mind

Because we had become so intertwined

It wasn’t until a week of separation

That opened my mind to the intoxication

Of that relationship and my utter dependence

Revealing it was time to end this

But little did I know I had signed over my heart

Agreeing until death do us part

There was such an innocence

To it all at the start, just simple ignorance

Of not realizing the severity of an action

That was habit forming then blossoming into a full blown addiction

Because it was just a couple of guys looking at a picture

Who didn’t realize we’d just become a prisoner

To pornography’s lustful marriage

Every web search and every video

Tied up my soul in unholy matrimony

With every click being a vow I was making

Causing my innocence and freedom to start fading

As I slowly turned my life over unknowingly

To this harlot called pornography

 Overwhelmed by shame and guilt

Trapped inside the house I had built

Chained to a computer screen

Always giving in

To her beckoning

Unwillingly obeying

So deeply rooted in my soul

Buried in a hole

Underneath one-way glass

As I sat there in chains watching life pass

That was, until I saw that man

Who stopped and held out his hand

Calling to me

Declaring I’m free

Declaring my chains; broken

Declaring my past; undone

Declaring my shame and guilt; gone

The death of Jesus to break chains

Declaring freedom through his pains

Yet for some reason I sit amongst the ruin

Within my prison

Trying to wrap these broken chains back around my wrists

Holding onto the only life I’ve ever known with clenched fists

While Grace and Freedom call out my name

Begging me to walk away from my shame

Because the papers have been signed

It has already happened

His death a victorious force

Declaring the great divorce

Now Jesus sits there with a ring in each hand

Asking us to take a stand

At the altar and let go of our humiliation

And enter into a life of reconciliation

 To a true love

A true purity

A true holiness

A true freedom

A true marriage with Him

Because he has already forgotten and forgiven us for our past

And is waiting for us to do the same

Victory and freedom are waiting

The wedding bells are ringing

Will you come to Him?

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