Joy Pedrow | Leading Women To Jesus

Hello Friend!

I’m so excited you are here! I hope my blog helps you experience Jesus, experience His joy, and experience His freedom.

If this is the first time checking out my blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Joy Pedrow Skarka, and I hope to always live up to my name by bringing others joy. I’m 25 years young and was born and raised in Monroeville a town east of Pittsburgh, PA. I moved to Tampa, FL to go to college at the University of South Florida. I graduated on 12-13-14. Awesome date, right?! I have a degree in communications focusing on relational communications with a minor in business. It was in college that God saved me by his grace. Throughout college, I fell more in love with Jesus each day. 

The love I discovered in Jesus gave me a passion for women’s ministry. In September 2013, I launched Joy Pedrow ministries with the goal to lead women to Jesus. Now, I am living in Dallas and attending Dallas Theological Seminary and pursuing a doctorate.

I dream about a world where every woman has experienced the life change of Jesus. I desire that they feel his power, trust him with their lives, and experience healing. And shame exists no more! I pray that every woman would know that they are loved by their father in heaven.

I believe that Jesus will use me and my story, and you and your story, to help women. I invite you to join me on this journey, check out my posts, and invite other women to join us.

Experience Jesus. Experience His joy. Experience His freedom.


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