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Freeing Women from Sexual Shame – HeartStrong Faith

Hello! My friend Cynthia Hester interviewed me for a profile piece for HeartStrong Faith. She wrote a beautiful article on how God changed my life and gave me a passion to help women. Here are a few of her words:

“I think if we can break women free from shame, they’ll have an easier time breaking free from sexual sin,” Joy Pedrow Skarka explains. An adventure-seeking millennial, she loves friend dates, Texas tacos, traveling adventures, and Florida beach time. Joy speaks about subjects on which some feel shame. Recently a young woman approached Joy after she spoke to high school girls at a youth conference and asked in a guilt-ridden voice, “Am I a horrible person because sometimes I think about having sex?” Joy answers hard questions on topics often considered taboo.

Joy’s ministry mantra, “creating spaces to free women from shame,” provides the focus for her multi-platform ministry and her doctoral dissertation research at Dallas Theological Seminary. Driven by the desire to see change face-to-face, Joy speaks at churches, seminary events, college retreats, and women’s groups. She especially enjoys disciplining women through online and in-person small groups. She created her ministry blog six years ago, and currently sends it to 3,000 email subscribers. The blog covers many topics including singleness, body image, pornography, sexual abuse, and sexual addiction…

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3 Ways to Help Women Addicted to Porn

“Porn for women” ranked number one in searches on Pornhub in 2017, increasing by over 1,400 percent since 2016. Despite the increase of women addicted to porn, Christians fail to talk about pornography and women. When scrolling through Twitter, one can find article headlines that read, “Talk to Your Son About Porn,” and “A Letter to My Sons About Porn.” Christians successfully talk about the dangers of porn for sons, but what about for daughters? Most articles about pornography use masculine pronouns, isolating women, yet, one-third of women report using porn on a regular basis.

Girls need rescuing from the chains of pornography, too.


How to Stay Married for 50 Years

How to Stay Married for 50 Years

 Unsurprisingly, many marriages end in divorce. When we hear about a couple that has been married for fifty years, we are shocked. What if this changed? What if divorce surprised us? What if being married fifty years was the norm?

Meet Dale and Carol. Dale and Carol recently celebrated fifty years of marriage. Send them some congratulations in the comments below! (more…)