Online Accountability Groups for Women Addicted to Pornography

Struggling with sexual brokenness? Looking for Christian accountability? Join us this Fall for new online groups!

Group Description: Connecting with other Christian women who understand your struggle and challenge you to walk in freedom. Each week we will meet for one hour per week to ask intentional questions and share our lives. Friendship is key to accountability, so we will spend time getting to know one another, praying for one another, and pursuing freedom together. 

Who is this for? Any woman who is struggling with sexual brokenness, pornography, masturbation, sexual shame, or other unwanted sexual behaviors and desires a safe place to discuss her issues in light of the transforming gospel of Christ.


  • New groups open Fall 2019!

What are the sessions like? Each session we will work through discussion questions, share updates, and pray. The video sessions will be hosted on Zoom.

Leader: All groups are led by the founder of Joy Pedrow Ministries, Joy Pedrow Skarka, or by a trained leader. Joy earned a masters in Christian Education and Women’s Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). Currently, she is a doctoral candidate at DTS, studing women, sexuality and shame. 

Cost: For $16 a month (the price of Netflix and a Starbucks), you get an Accountability Membership and accountability software through Accountable2You. If you already have accountability software, it will only cost you $10 a month to join. This non-refundable* fee encourages group commitment and participation. (If finances are a problem, let us know. You can apply for a scholarship.) What is included in a monthly accountability membership? (List below.)

What do I get?

  • 1 hour a week, same day, same time, every week.
  • Accountability software through Accountable2You
  • Share with and encourage others journeying through pornography addiction, masturbation, sexual shame, or other unwanted sexual behavior.
  • If you live in the USA, you will receive a package in the mail that includes a journal and a sticker.
  • 8 women max per group.
  • New women may be added to the group if the group drops in size as the months go on.
  • Access into the Sex Talk Ministry private community on Slack.
  • Honesty, life-giving accountability, practical steps, knowledgeable leadership and prayer.
  • Meet via group video web meeting through Zoom.
  • A weekly email with resources to help you walk in freedom.

This study is not meant to provide in-depth counseling. We highly recommend you seek counseling outside of this group.

Past Participant Said:

“I really enjoyed attending the group, because it gave me a safe space to be vulnerable and share about my struggles. It was wonderful to not feel like there was something SERIOUSLY wrong with me, because I am not the only one going through this struggle. I experienced compassion and wisdom from the women in my group in my pursuit of freedom. The book is also great. I have learned a lot about myself and gotten tools to help me get to root of my issues. This group has truly been an answer to prayer.”

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